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About John Lubinski - Commercial Realtor

John previously built from scratch a full-service Fire Protection business with 4 locations and 65+ employees covering all of Ohio, SE MI and Western PA.(County Fire Protection Inc)  His strengths were Sales, Customer service and operations. CFP Inc was named 12 times on Crain’s Cleveland Weatherhead 100 fastest growing companies.   While building the fire protection company he acquired several Commercial/Industrial properties across Ohio and SC and owns/manages them today.

Helping You

Whether you are involved in a previous purchase of a building, looking to purchase your first building or you are looking to manage or sell a commercial building, John has the expertise to assist you. Unlike other Commercial Realtors in the Cleveland, Ohio area, John understands what it takes to be a business owner and trying to understand all of the nuances of Commercial Real Estate purchases, legal, tenant management & etc. It doesn't matter if you are starting up your first company, or managing a 50 year old company, John adds that extra benefit of business knowledge on top of his commercial expertise to help you make informed decisions. The types of decisions that can either get you in the building you never thought possible or save you time and money on mistakes he can help you avoid.


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    John and Hanna Commercial Real Estate Specialize In the Following Services

    Retail Real Estate
    Retail Real Estate
    Commercial Real Estate Realtor
    Commercial Real Estate
    Industrial Real Estate Realtor
    Industrial Real Estate
    Tennant Representation
    Tennant Representation

    Hear from Our Clients

    “John was able to fill 2 suites in a rental that were empty for 4 years. We tried 2 other brokers with no success. Could not be happier with John as our broker.”

    Jim Croyle of West Ave Land Development

    "John went way above and beyond any other commercial realtors. He was the first realtor that I felt had my business in mind and not his own. He also connected me with a financial consultant who helped me make informative decisions that would have otherwise effected me for the next two decades. No other commercial realtor came close this this type of detail and care"

    Dan Carbone, CEO of Virteom LLC

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    Join John and Dan as they discuss some of the other tips and tricks to navigating the commercial real estate industry. Below are some extra videos that discuss some of the other challenges you may face along the way and how John can help you get more out of your purchasing power for commercial real estate.

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    Below are some of our recent commercial listings. Please call me to view any of these locations at 330-576-8774. If you do not see a listing here that meets your needs, please call me to discuss your needs and I can search my database and find you what you are looking for. I look forward to working with you.

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