Boost Your Business Profile with Free Press – John Lubinski’s Tips

When it comes to business, visibility is key, and John Lubinski knows exactly how to amplify your presence without straining your marketing budget. Leveraging local resources like economic development directors and the Chamber of Commerce can significantly boost your company’s profile. As a successful entrepreneur and former mayor who built and sold a thriving fire protection company, John Lubinski has first-hand experience in utilizing these community platforms.

Strategies for tapping into free press opportunities:
• Engage with Local Chambers: They offer invaluable support for new businesses, including ribbon-cutting ceremonies and networking events.
• Utilize Municipal Publicity: Local governments are invested in promoting successful businesses within their jurisdiction.
• Ask for Support: Proactivity is key; you won’t receive help if you don’t request it.

These avenues provide more than just exposure; they foster relationships that can be instrumental to your business’s growth. Social media and other digital marketing strategies are important, but the value of ‘free press’—the exposure you get through community involvement—is immeasurable.

John Lubinski encourages you to explore these channels. While the worst you can hear is “no,” the best outcome is free publicity and the strengthening of community ties.

For more insights on business growth and to leverage your local networks effectively, contact us today. Let’s explore together how community resources can elevate your business.

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